13 June 2017 @ 06:55 pm
[the bar]  

is a bar created by Damon Salvatore on his one year Wonderversary. It's located on level 4, room 005, and it's two levels.

It includes all types of alcohol. It has people tending bar, waiting tables, making food, and running the activities held on different nights of the week. Schedule will be updated monthly. Feel free to assume someone is making a drink for your character if the location of your thread is here or that your character attended one of the nights/activities.

The schedule is listed beside the doorway going into the bar.


Tuesday: Trivia Night

Thursday: Fondue, Wine, and Literature Night

Saturday: Drinking Game Night

Upcoming Monthly Activity: Beer Pong Tournament


Damon Salvatore.
Elena Gilbert.
Caroline Forbes.
Billy Kaplan.
Sarah Weller.
Goro Akechi.
Tim W.
Sylar Gray.


Level 1

Pictures on the rafters will be pictures of people and other pieces of Wonderland who have given their permission to have their picture placed up on the rafter.

Level 2