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Damon is a murderous psychopath. He's assaulted, murdered, compelled, abused, and hurt multiple people throughout his past/present so if you don't want to play with him at all, I totally get it! Please, feel free to send me a PM or comment here to let me know (comments aren't screened thus why you're free to PM me). You don't have to talk about reasons, just say Hey, I do not want, and I'll be certain not to tag your character.

I'll always ask ahead of time if Damon is going to try to compel, hurt, or drink blood from your character. However, if you'd like to fill out a blanket permission form to say HELL YES or GOD NO, feel free.

Compulsion is a very powerful form of mind control. He can make a character feel or do something against their will. He can make them forget something. Compulsion works against the average human, but if your character has mental protections of some kind, it's possible it won't work or won't work well.

Permission form

Can Damon compel them?
Can Damon drink blood from them?
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no go away
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People like you are the reason Cami grows vervain, Damon.

Which is to say he can try but she will not be happy and also she may have figured out how to make vervain-style mace. So that's a thing too.
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Character: Grout @ this journal

Can Damon compel them: I went to go check his age and hey Damon was born in the same year I hc Grout was turned, I love it. Oh lord I guess it depends on how strong Damon's powers are? In Grout's canon at least, vampire-on-vampire compulsion succeeds or fails on a case-by-case basis, based on chance and each character's skills (it's a contested roll. it's a contested roll in a tabletop game.) I don't know what the deal is with TVD compulsion though. If there are people who can resist it then Grout will certainly stand a chance, but if it's irresistible then I'm down with that too -- this could be one of those "whatever's most interesting for the story when it happens" kinda things?

Can Damon drink blood from them: bad move friend, that blood can put you in thrall and give you temporary psychological problems! But Damon would try I'm open to plotting.
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beckett warner
— my gut says compulsion wouldn't work on her, now that her ~psychic abilities~ have began to blossom
— drink away! she's psychically human with no other powers than that of foresight, so get your nom on.